5 Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Ask About Success

Success is something we’re all striving for at a basic human level. We need to be safe and fed, which is ultimately a huge driving factor in our desire for money as it provides a level of both of those needs. We also need love and accomplishment or acceptance, which can also be influenced in part by money.

It’s easy to see why so many entrepreneurs might stop only at a level of income as being successful, or a number of headcount at their startup, but those aren’t real metrics to measure yourself by forever. It’s for exactly that reason you should really ask yourself what success means beyond just money to guide yourself toward true success as an entrepreneur.

1. How much money does success mean?

Of course you want to make money. We all do and that’s part of the joy of entrepreneurship. No one would fault you for wanting to define a component of success with money, but what does that mean for you? It’s OK to ask this question annually to see how your definition of success can change, but never sacrifice the other components of your vision at the altar of profits alone. That’s how things such as Enron happen.

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2. Does

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