Five Minutes With Bianca Hutin, Entrepreneur And Founder Of My Web Art

Generating revenues through brokerage sales, art sellers’ subscription fees and advertising spaces on the website, My Web Art (MWA) launched in January 2014 and currently has 75 artists and has sold more than 15 artworks since the launch. Founder Bianca Hutin, who counts travelling, opera and theatre among her interests, says that local art galleries miss international opportunities and that she was inspired by the belief of how culture and art acts as a force of unity, and that art acts as a valuable learning vehicle. Coming from a background in marketing and communications that she later put to work starting her own venture, Hutin says it has helped in targeting the right markets, consumers, and also with plotting advertising and promotional strategies. The entrepreneur admits that her greatest lessons have come from her biggest failures, adding that “you become what you are, thanks to what you’ve done and experienced!”

Does My Web Art have artists or buyers from the Middle East?
We do have art collectors from Middle East, and the feedback was very positive as they really enjoy buying art online. It’s [very different from] the traditional art market selling channel of art galleries and auction houses, and they seem to like it.

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