The World Focuses On New Orleans Entrepreneur Week

Since New Orleans Entrepreneur Week’s inaugural year in 2009, people wondered, “Will it work?” From business leaders and community members to media, investors and even the entrepreneurs themselves, no one knew where NOEW would be five, even ten, years later. There were less than 100 people and six startups participating in 2009. Today, there are 10,585. So now we ask a new set of questions.

New Orleans Entrepreneur Week, also called NOEW (pronounced KNOW-EEE by those in the know), is an annual business conference hosted by The Idea Village in New Orleans that celebrates entrepreneurs, their big ideas and burgeoning startups. Although, despite being a conference it’s more like a festival, as most New Orleans events are, with non-stop startup jargon and chit chat, back to back panels, corporate sponsored pitches, networking events that happen to be scheduled during cocktail hour, launch parties and celebrity (at least to those in the startup world) keynotes.

Each year NOEW is a bit different than the last, with more people and events, new speakers and bigger startups. In its seventh installment (and perhaps my fourth in attendance), I couldn’t help but go into the week wondering what this year meant for the festival. How much has it evolved? What does it mean for the region? What about the startups that pitched and attended

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