Why David Allen's 'Getting Things Done' Remains An Entrepreneur's Bible

Almost 15 years after it was first published, David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done (GTD), remains an entrepreneur’s bible. The guru’s methods behind the international franchise of workshops and one-on-one coaching aimed at reducing mental and physical clutter are as relevant, if not more so today. The original book, released has been updated to reflect and address some of the biggest contemporary challenges to productivity: emails, multi-tasking and action items that never make it off the to-do list.

I recently spoke with Allen to get his take on the most valuable tools for entrepreneurs and how to use his popular system to achieve them. One of the biggest mistakes we all make, Allen says, is thinking we need more time than we actually do.

“A lot of the reframe of this is that you don’t need time, you need space. Entrepreneurs need space to stay focused. They need room to talk to the right people about the right things. They need room to think.”

Allen creates that space through techniques designed to simplify, rather than over-complicate. GTD is best known for the Two-Minute Rule: if a task crosses your desk that can be completed in two minutes – do it immediately. If not, file it according to context, and priority level. The idea is simple: dealing with it right

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