Investors Are Falling Back in Love With SMEs. Here’s Why

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The part of market which often remains hidden from headlines is back in game with a lot better than many would think.

Since the launch of the BSE-SME segment, which was nearly about five years ago, the platform has witnessed an upsurge in companies filing draft papers for Initial Public Offers (IPOs). In the shorter span of time, some of the Indian SMBs have generated huge chunks of returns; with the best of its examples are Chandigarh-based Superfine Knitters Ltd., Kushal Tradelink, Supernova, Autumn and MCL.

According to the data of BSE-SME, this is to note that amongst the list of 200 companies in BSE-SME, in which 164 are already listed, and from that 164, 23 have been migrated to BSE’s main board, clearly shows that investors are keeping their focus on Indian SMEs post budget of the year.

Despite the reasons of having not so high capital structures and lack of transparency, there is a notable increase in investors betting on Small and medium enterprises. But what makes SMEs a niche focus is despite the high risk factor in Indian market, the earning potential is high in market.

Listed are the #5 reasons which disclose the fact why investors should continue investing in SMEs.

  • Good choice for making fixed returns


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