SME annual convention will include sustainability symposium

The 2017 Society for Mining, Metallurgy Exploration (SME) Annual Conference Expo (ACE) and Colorado Mining Association (CMA) 119th National Western Mining Conference scheduled for Feb. 18-19 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, is expanding to include the “Engineering Solutions for Sustainability: Materials and Resources (ESS:MR3) Symposium.” With the theme “Toward a Circular Economy,” the symposium will focus on how to provide the resources and materials needed to meet basic needs in the areas of minerals, metals, energy, water, transportation, and housing.

The engineering community has a responsibility and an opportunity to make a difference by contributing to sustainable development through engineering solutions. In a circular economy, resources are used for as long as possible, then they are recovered, reused, recycled, or stockpiled until recycling technologies are available. More than 40 experts from industry, academia, government, and NGOs will discuss how to implement best practices.


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