Ways to Use Instagram Live for Your Small Business

If you’re not using Instagram Live for your small business yet, you’re missing out!

Since its debut as a photo-sharing platform, Instagram has improved significantly, going from an unknown startup to a social media behemoth with more than 600 users as of December 2016.

Today, businesses of all sizes recognize the platform’s incredible marketing potential as its newest feature, Instagram Live, takes business communication to the next level.

Should Small Businesses Care?

The answer is simple. Yes!

Small businesses need to pay attention to the platform for two reasons. First, Instagram Live provides a direct channel for two-way communication between your business and your audience and secondly, you probably already have an Instagram following that you can easily convert into customers using Live Videos.

Ways to Use Instagram Live

Here are some ideas for efficiently and effectively using Instagram Live for business.

Host an Interactive QA

Use Instagram Live to engage with your audience, answering their questions in real time. Each video feed comes with a comments section that your audience can use to engage with you as you broadcast. They can also react via “likes.”

Tip: Before hosting a QA, always let your customers know well in advance that you will be holding a QA session. It would be prudent to ask them to send their questions in advance via Direct Message. This should help you with

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