50 Small Business Ideas for Musicians

If you’re musically talented, you already have the potential to make a great entrepreneur. There are plenty of potential business opportunities that let you showcase your musical talents or work in the music industry. Below are different business ideas for musicians.

Business Ideas for Musicians

Recording Artist

If you want to play or create your own music, you can build a business as a recording artist where you record tracks and albums, offering them for sale online or in other formats.

Touring Artist

You could also take your talents on the road and build a business as a touring musician. You can make money from selling tickets and merchandise to people at each location you visit.

Local Event Artist

Or you could stick to performances in your local area. Book gigs at local restaurants, clubs and various events to fill out your calendar.

Wedding Band

You could also focus specifically on performing at weddings. Make yourself a website and market your services so that couples can find you and book your services.

Disc Jockey

Many musicians also have great taste in music and know from experience what people like in live settings. So with a little mastering of the technology, they can also make excellent disc jockeys. Disc jockeys are also popular for weddings, clubs and other special events. So you can start your own business and then book various gigs.



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