City Football Group moves from paper to SAP cloud-based HR software

SAP Jam is homepage

Every day, when people at the City Football Group open their browser, their homepage is SAP Jam social collaboration software, with company information, stories and “always something to grab your attention,” Young said.

On the cloud-based HR software, employees also have personalized pages for accessing individual information. Additionally, SAP Jam is used for communicating in groups across international offices, he said.

“At the moment, there is basic information sharing,” he said. “There are some closed groups between departments and projects where information is shared. It is a tool for us for informing staff and helping us to work more efficiently across departments and groups and projects.”

SAP Jam is relatively new, so Young said there is a lot more that the company can do with it. “We will also start to use Jam increasingly for more general all-staff communication,” he said.

According to Young, the company faced the standard challenge of providing a certain degree of training to employees. “It is fairly intuitive, but you have to provide a little bit of training,” he said.

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