Digital Marketing and SME’s: How to Impose Them Against Strong Brands

It’s been several years since your SMB struggled to gain some positions on the most competitive keywords in Google. But one day, an important brand launches a brand new site. A few weeks later, it is already in first place in Google. Does this scenario sound familiar?
This article is aimed primarily at medium-sized SMEs, who have already tried a rollercoaster ride on the web and have been disappointed by the experience.

Why SMEs have trouble on the web

Why do SMEs have to fight tooth and nail where the big boxes have to publish 2-3 contents to dominate the web? The answer is in one word: “The Brand”. PLoS ONE conducted an experiment to show the value of this one. The researchers presented 4 sodas to volunteers: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, River Cola and T-Cola. They then asked them to taste each soda and note them. The soda marks were visible to the guinea pigs, but there was a trap. A single beverage was distributed in the different cans: a mixture of the first 3 brands, T-Cola having been invented for the experiment.

As they tasted the different sodas, an MRI of the brain of the volunteers was recorded. The results are rich with lessons:

Coca and Pepsi were better rated than the other 2 brands.
During the presentation of River Cola and

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