GE favors SaaS for non-differentiated apps, moves away from MPLS, has big plans for IoT

GE is rethinking many aspects of IT, including its internal reporting structure, where and how it supports apps, and how it networks its 4,500 offices.  Network World Editor in Chief John Dix got an update from Chris Drumgoole, Chief Technology Officer of IT.

 Chris Drumgoole, GE Chief Technology Officer of ITGE

 Chris Drumgoole, GE Chief Technology Officer of IT

As Chief Technology Officer for GE IT (GE also has a CTO on the product side), how do you work with the IT teams in the business units?

We’re in the middle of a big transition that GE CEO Jeff Immelt talked about in our last investor call.  If you know us you know we’re a matrix organization, so historically each one of the businesses had a CTO/CIO that would be responsible for that business, and essentially a dotted line in the matrix to myself or my boss, our CIO Jim Fowler. This helped us drive consistency but there would still be distinct roles within the businesses.

On that call Jeff gave a high level overview of how we’re unifying the digital technology vision

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