How is Cloud Computing Affecting Traditional Software Delivery? The SaaS Effect

If you are running a business, there is a near 100% chance that you are already using some form of SaaS – Software as a Service. According to a recent a survey by Northbridge and Wikibon, one in seven companies are using SaaS. But that number should be much higher if you include Email, YouTube and social media applications such as facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on.

These are applications that have already embedded themselves into our lives. Many of them are free so we don’t think of them as SaaS products but, in reality, they are monetized by the company through advertisements. Though we get them for free, in roundabout way, we, the users, are paying for these applications with the time we collectively spend on them.

But SaaS is doing a lot more than permeating into our lives. It is also gradually pushing the traditional software licensing model into the background. The days of software installations are slowly, but surely, coming to an end. Today, we are increasingly embracing the “on-demand and pay-as-you-go” model of software deployment.

The SaaS market has been growing steadily over the years, and things are only going to accelerate in the future as more companies start opting for the cloud-delivered model of selling software. According to Q4 data from Synergy Research Group, the enterprise SaaS market

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