ObamaCare works wonders for small business. Don’t repeal it.

Over the past seven years, Republicans voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) 62 times, yet were not able to come up with a replacement — until March 8. The House Republican replacement for ObamaCare, dubbed the American Health Care Act (AHCA) is a poor substitute. It’s full of contradictions and exceptions, all of which exacerbate the rising cost of health care. It will cut taxes for the wealthy, return control to the insurance companies, and increase the number of uninsured.

Small businesses will be major losers in this deal. Prior to the passage of the ACA, small businesses faced profound disadvantages in the health insurance marketplace. At that time, more than half the uninsured in the United States were small business owners, their employees, and families. Small businesses that purchased insurance plans paid 18 percent more per employee than larger firms. Lifetime limits and limits on preexisting conditions were common. It only took one health crisis to put a struggling sole proprietor out of business.

In 2014, the U.S. Census Bureau totaled 5.7 million businesses in the United States. More than 95 percent of these firms are small enough that they face no health insurance mandate under the Affordable Care Act. Small business employers and employees can obtain individual insurance on the

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