Open Source and Cloud Computing: Friends or Foes?

Are open source software and the cloud good for each other?

At first glance, the question seems a little silly. After all, cloud computing and open source have both experienced surges in use to the point where nearly every company on the planet uses both. And many analysts suggest that neither one would have experienced their current level of growth without the other.

According to the RightScale 2017 State of the Cloud Report, 95 percent of organizations are either using or experimenting with infrastructure as a service (IaaS). And market research from Synergy Research Group found that cloud spending grew 25 percent in 2016.

“I’d say that 2016 is the year that cloud started to dominate many IT market segments,” said Synergy founder Jeremy Duke, in a statement. “Major barriers to cloud adoption are now almost a thing of the past, especially on the public cloud side. Cloud technologies are now generating massive revenues for technology vendors and cloud service providers and yet there are still many years of strong growth ahead.”

On the open source side, the numbers are nearly as good. In its 2016 State of Open Source Report, Zenoss found that 91 percent of the those surveyed were using open source software. Similarly, the Future of Open Source Survey from Black Duck found

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