SaaS Is Looking Trendy… Again

Throughout the remainder of 2017, the significance of software-as-a-service (SaaS) will become obvious in a number of likely trends.

Device security is a significant driver: Mobility makes multiple points of entry on enterprise networks; remote working exposes unencrypted networks; malware can be injected into vulnerable networks and transferred from device to device. All of these vulnerabilities must be addressed by SaaS vendors.

Going hand in hand with the SaaS security trend will be growth in artificial intelligence (AI), as companies like Google, Amazon and Apple continue to beef up their impressive AI presence, while others build out applications that address home and life automation. Additionally, the day of the pure-play SaaS company has faded, and solutions now are expected to follow the platform model, offering buyers more of a platform solution with options like CRM.

These SaaS trends and more have been covered have been covered by Light Reading in recent days:

There are more than 60 SaaS companies and products already featured in Virtuapedia, with a few standouts like:

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