Schools and employers lack motivation to train pupils

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When employers complained about the shortage of qualified labour force on the market, dual education was introduced with the aim to become one of the remedies for their problem. Expectations were high during the preparations, but now that the system has been launched, pupils and employers alike seem to be lacking interest in taking part.

Scarce promotion among primary school pupils and their parents, and insufficient financial motivation for companies are among the most cited reasons of why the system struggles.

“The first year of dual education in Slovakia has shown that the biggest problem is to attract primary school pupils and persuade their parents to let them join the system,” Jaroslav Holeček, president of the Employers’ Board for the Dual Education System and executive vice-president of the Automotive Industry Association, told The Slovak Spectator.

Currently, only about one-tenth of the 134,000 pupils at secondary schools participate in the scheme. Statistics show that 1,121 pupils started training in 142 companies altogether in September 2016.

The number is more than double than the total in the programme’s first school year, 2015-2016, when 92

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