Small businesses at risk of hacker invasion





Cyber terrorism expert Ed Skoudis has built a miniature city called CyberCity that he uses for training cyber soldiers to fight cyber terrorism. STAFF VIDEO BY ROBERT WARD

Randell Heath isn’t sure how hackers got into his company’s website — all he knows is a supplier called, saying the site had become an online store selling Viagra and Cialis.

The problem might have been at the company that hosts the site. It might have been that Heath’s passwords weren’t strong enough. But the invasion taught Heath a lesson that computer experts say many small-business owners still need: Keeping your company’s computers and online sites safe isn’t a one-time operation, but requires continual vigilance as new kinds of attacks emerge.

“I’m planning on attending a ‘Cybersecurity for Small Business’ briefing,” said Heath, president of Coldsweep, a Mountain Green, Utah-based company that uses dry ice to clean surfaces.

The chances of a small business being invaded,

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