SME Finance Means Missed Opportunities And Lost Sleep

Let’s take an updated look at SME finance. Across the world, small business finance is about more than how much money is on the books. As demonstrated by the latest research in the area, SME finance patterns include ways small businesses are obtaining working capital, how they are investing in their companies, their outlooks on business growth and even whether these entrepreneurs are losing sleep over finances (they are). We break down the latest data on small business money below.

$27.5 billion in asset-based finance went to U.K. companies last year, a 13 percent increase in this category of finance from the year prior. The Asset Based Finance Association (ABFA), which released the data, said that businesses are increasingly turning to this tool to supplement traditional finance and to support business growth. Large companies have increased their use of asset-based finance the most, researchers found, largely to finance MA activity. But overall instability resulting from the Brexit vote, the report noted, led to

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