SME online community hits a Tweet spot

Every Wednesday night from 9pm to 11pm Austin O’Keeffe presents The Biz Show on It’s a mixture of music and business talk, but for O’Keeffe, a volunteer, the best bit is when business people such as Gavin Duffy and Mattress Mick talk about how they built their business. “We try to get people who will give us tips about how they made it.”

O’Keeffe runs a nutrition business selling coffee, tea and other products containing DXN Ganoderma, a mushroom extract with reputedly beneficial health properties. While he is on air from the radio station’s base in Walkinstown, small business owners nationwide tune in to the show and tweet about it, and all sorts of other business related issues, using the hashtag #IrishBizParty.

They are…

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