Software as a Service: The Inevitable Move All Integrators Must Make

In The Fog, John Carpenter’s 1980 horror film, the revenants of dead mariners return from within a dense mist to seek revenge on the descendants of those who wronged them.

In The Cloud (2017, in very, very wide release), the spirits of IT managers descend to torment AV integrators who thought the transition to 4K and immersive audio had secured their professional futures, only to learn that this particular bit of vapor intended to rattle their profession to its very core.

Very recently, the implications of AV’s convergence with IT have taken a new and seemingly swift turn as more integrators begin to consider, and in some cases embrace, the idea of transforming their business from one that used to install costly hardware to one that uses more of a rapidly diversifying personal mobile/cloud infrastructure as a frame upon which to configure and offer functions such as video conferencing, room control and automation through cloud-based software and connectivity.

In other words, it’s the concept of selling solutions as a service with recurring monthly costs versus a one-time sale. It’s a tectonic shift in the nature and the culture of AV integration, but it’s also viewed by a growing number as inevitable.

“I think we’ll see this all migrate to the cloud within five years,” says Aaron McArdle, president

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