Take it slow when planning a move to cloud-based ERP software

Migration by any other name

The truth is, preparing for a migration to cloud-based ERP software is very much like preparing for an on-premises ERP implementation. As much as some people may not want to hear it, the prep work is very much the same, according to Frank Scavo, president of Strativa Inc., a management consulting firm based in Irvine, Calif.

“You don’t have to size and buy hardware. Otherwise, the steps for implementation are the same,” Scavo said. The most important preparatory step, he added, is to map business processes via storyboarding or some other visual tool to identify where improvements are needed and can be implemented in the cloud system.

“It is likely that your current business processes were constrained by the [on-premises] system you use now,” he said. “Cloud is more flexible and enables more advanced ways of doing things.” Making sure you understand all the advanced capabilities of the new system is an important step.

Mint Jutras cloud ERP survey chart
Mint Jutras found a strong preference for software-as-a-service ERP over hosted and on-premises ERP.

Most companies need to do significant process improvement before, during and after implementing cloud-based ERP software, just as they would with any ERP rollout, he added. Business process re-engineering can

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