The Next as-a-Service: SRM

I have been hearing recently that Digital Transformation is not about moving applications to the cloud, but rather moving enterprise IT from an internal Capex-oriented practice to a consumer of IT, self-service Opex model. IT vendors, taking their que from their enterprise customers, are following suit with pay-as-you go acquisition alternatives. Even big-ticket hardware vendors who would normally sell based on a negotiated price are now offering their boxes on an as-a-service basis. It’s only natural then that storage resource management (SRM) software would get caught-up in the growing shift to the Opex budget.

The trend started when some forward-looking storage vendors began offering their device management software as a service delivered from the cloud. Two examples:

Nimble Storage’s[1] InfoSight—InfoSight collects sensor data from their customers’ arrays and applies predictive analytics to resolve issues before they occur. Real time analytics software (VoltDB) runs in the cloud. Both Nimble and their customers can leverage InfoSight to respond immediately to issues relating to array performance and availability, identify future capacity needs and maintain performance levels over time.

Tegile Systems’ IntelliCare Cloud Analytics—an analytics-based management tool that monitors capacity usage, configurations, system health and performance using sensory data gathered from Tegile arrays. Proactive alerts warn of impending component failures and out-of-capacity conditions. IntelliCare runs without server-based agents or additional infrastructure. A

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