Why We Completely Redesigned our SaaS Product

“Prehistoric product” was what someone called our product on a social news site. It stung a bit. How could that be true? We saw ourselves as cutting edge. We were always improving our product and released a new version of our product every few days. We were innovating on so many different levels that our competitors’ products were not even close.

We made the mistake that many SaaS products are making today. We didn’t look at our product from a fresh outside perspective. When we started seeking outside feedback, we started getting an accurate picture. Even though we had a solid product, people assumed the otherwise. We were being held back by our aging design.

No matter how you feel about your product, what really matters is how people feel about it. When we started asking people about our design with usability tests and surveys, we started facing the truth. We were really prehistoric. At least on the outside. This was a good problem to have though. It was something we could solve to unleash our growth.

How we fell behind

I founded JotForm, an online form builder, in 2006. For the last decade, I’ve watched firsthand how best practices for design have evolved and risen in importance. JotForm was the first WYSIWYG form builder, and at the time, that was innovative

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