Cloud computing is bigger than AWS and Azure

Research To some, cloud computing is synonymous with so-called ‘public cloud’ services such as AWS and Azure, but this isn’t the view of Reg readers. When 668 of you provided feedback during a recent survey on meeting infrastructure-level needs, the adoption of ‘private cloud’ (defined as ‘cloudy architecture running in your own data centre’) was what came through most prominently:


What’s also clear from this picture is that evangelical claims of everyone now having a ‘cloud first’ strategy greatly overstate the level of commitment out there. Many organisations are still in the investigation or planning stage in relation to different types of cloud and use cases, and while most of the remainder are open-minded in each area, a significant level of scepticism persists.

Looking at adoption in a different way, we see that all those phrases suggesting a rapid market shift – ‘cloud explosion’, ‘stampede to the cloud’, etc. – are also considerably overstated. The reality is that adoption over the last five years or so would be better characterised as a slow burn:


The other key observation is that even when you look across all the use cases listed above (as that last chart does), there are still quite a few organisations yet to do anything meaningful with

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