How mobile cloud computing infrastructure enables modern workers

Mobile backend as a service

EFSS does the trick when a mobile user needs to access a specific file. But other times, a mobile app needs constant access to large amounts of corporate data. Developers and IT professionals can use MBaaS to build this access directly into an app.

Traditionally, it’s complex to develop a native mobile app that ties into back-end systems. It requires significant manual coding, and any changes on the back end can break things on the front end. Developers must deal with these issues for each system that an app needs to access, so scalability is a significant problem.

MBaaS aims to simplify the process. It abstracts the back-end infrastructure and presents a singular, unified interface in the cloud. Developers then connect their apps to the MBaaS using APIs and software development kits, and the service handles the connections to the desired infrastructure components.

Test your know-how of cloud container technology

The popularity of cloud containers is soaring. If your company isn’t already working with containers, the time to get on board is now. Take this brief quiz to test your knowledge.

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