How to Recycle Old Cell Phones and Why Your Small Business Should

Mobile technology is constantly evolving. And as a result, consumers and businesses are constantly upgrading to new cell phone models.

So what should you do with all those old cell phones once you make a change? You don’t have to simply throw them away. There are actually several benefits for businesses that recycle old cell phones. Here are some of them, along with some tips for how to recycle all of your old cell phones.

Business Benefits Of Cell Phone Recycling

Deals on New Purchases

Cell phone manufacturers like Apple will often take back old cell phones and recycle them for you. If your old phones are in good enough shape and new enough, the manufacturer may even offer you money back or a discount on purchases of new phones in exchange for the old ones.

Especially for businesses that have multiple phones to turn in and new ones to buy, this can be an especially attractive offer. But even if you don’t get money back, you may be able to take your old phones back to the manufacturer just as an easy way of recycling them.

Access to Refurbished Devices

When people and businesses bring old phones back to the manufacturer, it gives those companies back some of the raw materials that they can then use to make new phones. This not only means that

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