Leveraging Cloud Technology in Self-Storage: Software, E-Mail, Digital Storage and More – Inside Self

My self-storage career started off at a small facility more than 16 years ago. I was 23. High-speed Internet was taking off, Google was getting ready to take over the world, Myspace was still on the drawing board, and the music industry was just beginning to experience the economic upheaval of file sharing. Now, you’d think that maybe—just maybe—a little Silicon Valley dust would have made it to my property. Well, that didn’t happen and, to my dismay, it wouldn’t for many years.

The first self-storage management software I used was a DOS system. My printer was of the dot-matrix variety, and my facility gate controller was the size of a rolling suitcase. To add insult to injury, I had to update the gate controller … manually … every day.

Over the last 15 years, self-storage technology has made huge strides. Operators are no longer forced to purchase a gate system that has the technological prowess of an Atari or process payments through something that has the grace of a Magic 8 Ball. Now you get to take part in the

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