Make Running Your Small Business Easier With These 3 Simple Tech Tips

Small business owners need to work hard and smart, otherwise they would never get what they need to get done before the next challenge pops up. Those who work smartest however, are those who know what, when and how to delegate tasks. Savvy small business owners look for technologies that can save them time, effort, and in the long run money. Here are just three technologies that can help get the job done, while freeing up the owner’s time for more important things, such as a little personal time to recharge.



Having a Facebook page is not enough to attract, let alone reach the right customers. Businesses need to establish a presence on Facebook, and one that is directed at those who are most likely to buy their product or use their services. While Facebook has always had tools to create ads, AdExpresso is a technology tool that can do that and much more, and with very little time, effort or cost. It is one of the few advertising creation softwares that are truly user-friendly, and do not require an expert or even someone with experience in using ad-creation software. It is also one of the few that lets an individual create and run multiple ads, and allows the designer to create different versions of ads quickly

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