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Happy (cloud container computing) Families: Microsoft Deis.

Microsoft wants more developers to use its platform and tools. Specifically, Microsoft wants more cloud computing developers to come into its fold. With this widely accepted truth in mind, it is perhaps logical to hear news this April 2017 of the firm’s intention to acquire cloud container-specialist Deis (pronounced day-iz) from cloud orchestration platform company Engine Yard.

What are containers?

Deis is a technology designed for working with software ‘containers’. In the most simple terms, containers are independently deployable pieces of software code that express discrete components of application logic. Those bits of container-separated logic allow us to create computer virtualization environments where we can run the logic (and all its related software configurations s0-called ‘dependencies’) in isolated process zones. A container knows how much operating system (OS) it needs for a specific task, so it makes a call via an Application Programming Interface (API) for what it needs… and no more than it needs. In the world of chopped up, interchangeable, on-demand, service-based cloud computing, containers make really good sense if we want to be Agile (CAPS A) and move more quickly than with the monolithic computing systems of old.

According to Microsoft’s Scott Guthrie in his capacity as exec VP for cloud enterprise group, containers

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