Microsoft buys software startup Deis to boost Azure cloud

Microsoft has signed a deal to buy software startup Deis, in a move to boost its Azure cloud service.

Deis uses open-source technology to help companies manage their information stored in the cloud. The San Francisco startup, which had been acquired by Engine Yard in 2015, specifically works with Kubernetes container technology.

The acquisition reinforces the Redmond company’s commitment to open-source technologies, a fairly recent development for Microsoft.

“In addition to their container expertise, the Deis team brings a depth of open-source technology experience – furthering Microsoft’s commitments to improve developer productivity and to provide choice and flexibility for our customers everywhere,” Scott Guthrie, Microsoft’s executive vice president of cloud and enterprise, wrote in a blog post Monday.

Kubernetes technology, originally built at Google, has been gaining popularity across cloud platforms in the last year.

Microsoft did not disclose a price tag for Deis.

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