MLB Teams Use Cloud Software for Budgeting, Data Analytics …

Baseball can be a complicated game of strategy on any given play. But the operations running in a team’s executive suite might make what happens on the field look simple by comparison.

To run a team, the financial staff typically has to enter data and then consolidate multiple Excel spreadsheets—each of which detail projected and actual budgets for travel, groundskeeping, food service, player and staff salaries, ticket sales, and more. And that’s year round—not just during the heat of the season.

“You can only imagine a mothership Excel workbook that links to 100 different spreadsheets where people may be mistakenly inserting rows or columns to templates. That causes a massive nightmare,” Ryan Scafidi tells Fortune.

For Scafidi, the senior director of financial planning and operations for the Boston Red Sox, tracking those row-and-column and other errors back to their sources and fixing them before getting on with other business was not a fulfilling experience.

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