Oracle touts cloud-based HR software and financial management tools

New HR chatbot

She also demonstrated a new HR chatbot that can answer basic questions via mobile text.

“I can say to the chatbot, ‘Did I get paid?’ All right, I am getting paid on Friday. Next question: ‘Can I take a vacation now that I have been paid?’”

The mobile application also allows “peer to peer” feedback in real time, said Alarcon, who writes a blog for Oracle on HCM.

Hurd said there is more innovation coming from Oracle, especially in the area of cognitive computing or what he called “machine to machine” learning, which he said will be integrated with analytics to drive better decisions about employees.

He said cloud-based HR software will become more prescriptive with automation, telling an executive where to recruit, how to recruit and who to recruit. 

“All of this can be done by machines,” Hurd said. “Historically, we used to do this with lots of people clumsily going through incredible levels of detailed data with the hopeless task of trying to come up with an answer. This now can all be automated.”

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