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The cloud is widely used and most customers are comfortable with software as a service solutions such as Mimecast and Office 365. These products do a phenomenal job in in the SAAS space, but infrastructure as a service (IAAS) often lags due to the perceived risk.

The resistance to infrastructure as a service is embedded in the fear of moving business services outside of our buildings (and country borders). Some of these fears are misplaced since customers perceive the acts to state that data is not allowed outside the borders. The acts actually state “unless the security and compliance standards are the same or better than within our borders”, data can be stored beyond. The Microsoft Azure Cloud is therefore the ideal platform with ISO27001, HIPAA, SOC 1 and SOC 2 certification.

As a Microsoft Cloud Platform Competency Partner, Evolv Networks has been campaigning for more cloud and specifically Microsoft Azure adoption. With three years of experience running internal Finance/Payroll/Password services on Azure, Evolv Networks has specialist knowledge to assist customers in their journey to the Azure Cloud. With a sizeable in-house datacentre and huge operational costs, Prosperian engaged with Evolv Networks to avoid the pitfalls and lead their migration. The results were astonishing with R10 000′s of savings in electricity alone by reducing physical hardware and the

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