SaaSMAX Launches 5 Innovative SaaS Products Into The Channel

New cloud-based technologies broaden the scope and value for channel partners to bring to their clients, while offering lucrative incentives.

SaaSMAX Corp., the IT Channel’s value-add marketplace and distributor for Cloud Software (“SaaS”) companies and IT Solution Providers has launched five innovative Channel-friendly SaaS products that broaden the scope and value a Channel Partner can bring to their clients: ClicData, FastSensor, ContractWorks, SecureDocs and Telestax. “SaaSMAX is excited about introducing these game-changing platforms, all of which pave the road for future success in the IT Channel,” said Dina Moskowitz, SaaSMAX Founder and CEO. “Each of these Software-as-a-Service products brings a unique and specialized offering to today’s channel partners, who are looking to maximize revenue while playing the role of the forward-thinking trusted advisor on the cutting edge of technology.”

More information about each of our newest SaaS products is provided below:
ClicData, LLC- Business Intelligence: ClicData provides Solution Providers with a unique opportunity to bring cutting-edge productivity and ROI to clients, with the first cloud-based Data Visualization and Business Intelligence platform. ClicData provides the ability to see and report on every KPI used to run any business in real time. With more than 1,000 ways to connect to data, KPIs become real-time, actionable and collaborative. ClicData is pleased announced a Q2 release for 15 new native connectors including XERO, NetSuite, Instagram, Facebook

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