Small Business Today: Employees deserve a great work environment

On Thursday were invited by our daughter Katie and her husband to a four square tournament at their house on Sunday. Actually they let it slip that they were having the party and we kind of invited ourselves. They didn’t object, so I think it was OK that we showed up. But that is not the point. Sunday was a beautiful day with bright sunshine and low wind, a perfect day for adults trying to recapture some of their youth.

When Joanne and I arrived, the four square lines were chalked on the driveway and people were playing. Adults occupied three of the squares and my 3-year-old grandson Thomas occupied the fourth. I was invited to get in line so I could enter the game once somebody was eliminated.

Those of you who know me a little better know that I am more than a little bit competitive. Fortunately for the game, so were all the rest of the participants. We did give Thomas a bit a leeway, but when he was eliminated, to the back of the line he went. Sure there were a couple of discussions regarding the legality of a certain hit

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