SME’s EASTEC 2017 Goes to Mars with Opening Day Keynote

A key industry leader, Jordan Evans, rocket scientist at NASA, will open EASTEC with his keynote on the exploration of Mars, using self-driving robots. Evans will discuss the Curiosity-based rover that will head to Mars in 2020, along with the many challenges associated with sending a robotic scientist to another planet.

“It’s been 40 years since the Viking landings and nearly 20 years since we landed Sojourner, the first rover, on Mars. Since that time, pursuing our nation’s scientific goals has driven us to create increasingly capable robotic vehicles and push boundaries,” said Evans. “I’m excited to share the path forward with our next rover to the Red Planet, including many additional advances in landing technologies, scientific instruments, and autonomy.”

The politics of manufacturing

Back on earth, and timely to current conversations, this year’s attendees will also have access to the Wednesday keynote, which will delve into the latest political trends in manufacturing. The election of a new U.S. president comes with the expectation of a shift in policies. According to Patricia Buckley, managing director for Economic Policy and Analysis at Deloitte, these possible policy shifts will shape the U.S. economic outlook and the manufacturing sector going forward.

“Since the specific form and timing that these policy objectives will take have yet to be determined, there remains substantial uncertainty to the

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