Software-defined sensor technology improves cloud visibility


While companies are keen to benefit from the agility and cost savings of using the cloud, there are still concerns about the ability to monitor and secure systems to an enterprise standard.

Ireland-based network analysis specialist Corvil is addressing this with the launch of a software-defined solution for packet-level instrumentation of virtual machines in public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Corvil Sensor uses a Smart Streaming architecture optimized for real-time, reliable and always-on monitoring and analysis of business-critical workloads in the cloud. It allows customers to extend the operational, security and business analytics solution already provided by Corvil to public, private and hybrid cloud architectures.

“Corvil Sensor is a game changer for customers wishing to leverage our real-time analytics and forensics solution in the cloud,” says Donal O’Sullivan, VP of product management at Corvil. “We believe our unique approach for assuring reliable and smart delivery of streaming packet data from connected virtual machines achieves superior performance and lower cost compared to competing approaches.”

It’s delivered as a low-overhead software daemon that can be set up on a virtual machine in seconds. Full analytics with live insights and intelligence for HTTP, database, storage and other applications can be displayed on existing customer dashboards. The solution ensures seamless and reliable access to intelligence from time-stamped

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