The 4 Most Interesting Things From Amazon’s Cloud Extravaganza

Amazon’s strategy to dominate the business of cloud computing involves a treasure chest of coding tools.

The company’s cloud computing arm held a conference Wednesday in San Francisco intended to show businesses its latest tech.

When Amazon Web Services amzn debuted over a decade ago, few companies bought computing resources on-demand from another. Since then, it has become a huge industry, and AWS has become the leading service.

But AWS faces increased competition from Microsoft msft and Google goog , which have been investing heavily in their rival services. They too want a piece of the fast-growing cloud business, which is upending the data center and software industries.

Here’s four interesting tidbits from the conference.

Amazon wants developers to consider the voice

Warner Vogels, Amazon’s technology chief, said that the voice recognition technology that powers Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant is now available for outside developers to build apps. Amazon[/f500link] is hoping that companies will choose its service for building software because of the popularity of Alexa, which powers

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