Virtualization twisted devs, cloud and SaaS made them monsters

At the VMware user group conference in Melbourne a couple of weeks back, NetApp’s Josh Atwell wondered what it will take to repair relations between developers and ops teams.

His history of the two tribes has them in a long, distrustful truce until virtualization took off, at which point developers revelled in pool of virtualized resources that were so much more available and flexible than had previously been the case. Atwell thinks developers quickly took that, and the ops teams that delivered it, for granted. Then along came cloud, complete with more-or-less limitless resources for developers, and developers’ expectations shot through the roof.

Ops teams went from being applauded for best-ever flexibility to being derided for not being able to match the automated might of hyperscale clouds and the endless gourmet buffet of services that their marketplaces offer developers.

To make things worse, ops teams have also started copping it from software-as-a-service vendors. It’s not enough for ops to have created decent private clouds, albeit constrained by what an organisation can afford. Now sales, marketing and HR expect applications to just happen, too.

Atwell thinks that’s unfortunate, because ops teams still have lots of value to add to developers. That value comes by just getting out of the way so that developers and line-of-business people alike feel like they’re in a hyperscale cloud even

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