XAAS benefits SA businesses | ITWeb

From infrastructure to disaster recovery, platform to software, virtual desktops to applications and customer relationship management, there are a massive amount of business services now available off-premises as cloud-based solutions.

“IT itself has transitioned from being local or on-site to on-demand, irrespective of where users are situated,” says Louis Pienaar, BU Head of Cloud Core Services at EOH. “In fact, there has been such a surge in cloud-based technology, they can no longer all be categorised under a single, generic umbrella such as SAAS, but are now categorised in an over-arching term called XAAS.”

He says XAAS is a collective term that’s also known as anything as a service or simply everything as a service. “The possibilities are endless. We have Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service. Despite being relatively in its infancy, XAAS is covering a lot of ground, and is being adopted in major enterprises all over the globe.”

   So what does XAAS mean for local businesses? “On-demand services will allow SA businesses to focus on their core business goals and operations, instead of having to deal with underlying infrastructure and systems. This will allow them to respond more rapidly to new business opportunities. In

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