Xompass Releases SaaS Internet of Things App on Microsoft AppSource


Xompass has announced the availability of its Field Intelligence as a Service (FaaS) app on Microsoft AppSource. Xompass FaaS is a leading industry Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product that fills the gap between IoT instrumentation and insights (Advanced Analytics). Xompass executes this vision by offering products at the edge (Xompass FaaS Edge), cloud (Xompass FaaS Cloud), and enterprise level (Xompass FaaS Suite).

Most IoT project implementation takes 12 to 18 months to realize value due to the long technology discovery and vendor selection process. Xompass FaaS is built on a SaaS product delivery approach that accelerates implementation of IoT and analytics. “You can connect to devices rapidly at a very low cost, and scale easily to realize the full potential of IoT and analytics,” said Prabhu Soundarrajan, CEO of Xompass, Inc.

It is estimated [LNS Research, IHS Markit] that connectable assets will grow from 10 to 60 billion by 2025 in industrial and manufacturing industries. Xompass FaaS Edge provides instant connectivity to a wide range of industrial assets and offers edge analytics. Xompass Edge is built on the OSIsoft PI System, leveraging 30 years of industrial data experience connecting to over 1 billion devices.

Xompass Cloud is built on Azure infrastructure, Azure IoT Hub, and Cortana Intelligence. Xompass Suite, built on Power BI, provides instant executive-level dashboards for a wide

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